Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Backlogging: Old CAD renders

One activity that I've particularly enjoyed is CADding - sometimes for practical purposes, usually just for fun. Here are some of my old renders from assemblies I've built in the past. (The software used is SolidWorks 2012.)

One of my very first CADs, as practice: just a bell I found lying around.
The underside of that same bell. It's slightly more interesting than the top.
My old Gameboy Color (special Pikachu edition, of course).This one was also just for fun, and probably my proudest CAD.
The actual Gameboy has since been retired after sustaining significant injuries.

An actually useful CAD: Antoine the Ant, my Design Nature transporter project from first semester. This was built by me and three teammates; I was responsible for the legs. The final product was a remote-controlled ant which could walk around and pick up objects with its jaw, in a game targeted toward nine-year-olds. And yes, we got real nine-year-olds.
Back to the just-for-fun designs: My laptop charger. I believe this one was over winter break after my first semester.
A proposed idea for a loft for my sophomore dorm. This was built for the first ASME/Olin CAD-A-Thon in spring 2012. (I'm not sure of the proper name.) In retrospect, this it was an awfully inefficient loft, but it had some fun ideas in it. I liked the idea of jungle gym-style rungs to climb up, and I am remiss that our current loft doesn't have a fireman pole.

Unfortunately, I haven't been CADding as much lately as I'd like to, so hopefully I'll find an excuse to get back into it.

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